Clementoni Alberto Elefantino

Clementoni Alberto Elefantino

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Clementoni Alberto Elefantino

Clementoni Alberto Elefantino 

This fun musical activity center full of songs, melodies, sounds and instruments, specially designed to introduce the child into the world of music.
The cute elephant in concert has two large drum ears, a colorful keyboard, two plates, a mechanical maracas and a bow tie that lights up. Also you can have fun with 3 game modes: learning, English, music.

Description :

-10 -36 months

-Size : 6.00 x 33.00 x 27.00 cm

-Visual perception
-Auditory perception
-Tactile perception
-Body perception
-Manual oculus coordination

Clementoni Alberto Elefantino
Clementoni Alberto Elefantino

It teaches the first letters, numbers, colors, animals and their verses. Plays 4 kinds of music: classical, pop, disco and rock and you can play with 16 different instruments.
Depending on the music genre, the keyboard, the plates and the 2 drums on the ears change the sound of the instrument.
Stimulates the development of dexterity, auditory and visual perception. It favors the relationship due to effect and contributes to the development of language.
The child approaches music in a simple and fun way stimulating fantasy and emotion.
A mechanical maracas, a musical selector and the plates will allow a complete interactivity of the child with the game.


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