Face Cleansing Imetec Bellissima

Face Cleansing Imetec Bellissima

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Face Cleansing Imetec Bellissima

Face Cleansing Imetec Bellissima

Bellissima Face Cleansing Pro is an innovative system with sonic technology that takes care of facial skin, deeply cleansing it and immediately making it radiant and smooth.

Easy and quick to use, Bellissima Face Cleansing Pro has Skincare Timer that emits a beep to indicate the ideal time required to perfectly cleanse each part of the face: forehead, nose, chin, cheeks and lastly, the neck and neckline.

Description :

-Facial cleansing brush with Sonic Vibration technology with constant micro oscillations that deeply act and purify the skin
-Excellent for cleansing and reactivating the skin in depth and for scrub and micromassage treatments
-5 interchangeable heads: normal, sensitive, peeling, activation and micromassage
-Water resistant: facial brush can also be used in the shower
-A constant use of the product allows visible results that last over time; more compact, luminous and smooth skin

Face Cleansing Imetec Bellissima
Face Cleansing Imetec Bellissima

The tool, based on the exclusive Sonic Vibration Technology,generates an extremely delicate constant vibration throughout the treatment that deeply cleanses the skin with utmost gentleness, caressing the face and protecting the natural elasticity.

The double vibration intensity can be adjusted and allows you to select the most suitable mode accordingly while fully respectingall types of skin, including the most sensitive.

The result is face cleansing that is 7 times more effective than manual cleansing .


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