Hair straightener Waves Imetec Bellissima

Hair straightener Waves Imetec Bellissima

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Hair straightener Waves Imetec Bellissima

Hair straightener Waves Imetec Bellissima

Double your desire for waves: tight or soft beach waves to choose your look every day


Beach waves hair:tight or soft waves to give your look personalityMany girls dream of having hair that is wavy and never plain, to feel feminine and well-groomed every day.

Bellissima Beach Waves is the professional hair straightener perfect for medium-long to long hair.

The double iron creates different looks: the natural beach effect” with tight and defined waves, or soft and natural waves for an elegant and retro style using the wider side of the iron.

Now, with Bellissima Beach Waves, switching from one style to another is even easier. Thanks to the two side buttons at the base, the double iron locks and turns, with a simple and safe movement. Plus, the Ceramic Coating of the plates helps distribute the heat evenly, to treat your hair as carefully as possible.

The Thermo Control System adjusts the temperature (3 levels between 160°C and 200°C) guaranteeing excellent results and limiting the stress on your hair as much as possible.

Hair straightener Waves Imetec Bellissima

Bellissima Beach Waves will become your ally in making you feel special and satisfied with your hair every day!


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