Nintendo 2DS with Mario Kart 7

Nintendo 2DS with Mario Kart 7

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Nintendo 2DS with Mario Kart 7

Nintendo 2DS with Mario Kart 7 Black/Blue

Nintendo 2DS is your handheld portal to a world of amazing games and features, allowing you to connect with friends and the global Nintendo community.

Backwards compatible
Keep all of your classics or catch up with adventures you’ve missed. You’ll have the entire library of Nintendo DS games to replay or discover.

Swap game data with other gamers as you pass them by with StreetPass, receive new game content, videos, trailers and news automatically with SpotPass, and play online with others anytime.

Power saving
As well as saving power, putting your system into Sleep Mode means you can exchange StreetPass data with others while you’re out and about. On Nintendo 2DS, Sleep Mode is entered using the Sleep Switch: move the switch to the right to enable Sleep Mode and away you go.

New ways to play
Complementing the classic Touch Screen controls come gyro sensors and motion sensors to throw you right into the action. Add Augmented Reality capabilities and suddenly your gaming looks a whole lot different.

Pre-installed Mario Kart 7
Get competitive with this classic go-kart racing video game. It’s designed with a number of Mario-themed tracks and provides you with 17 characters to choose from. Throughout the game you’ll have to dodge your fellow track racers and boost your speed with top-up items scattered about the course. This version also gives you the option to customise your kart to have the edge over your opponents.

Nintendo 2DS with Mario Kart 7
Nintendo 2DS with Mario Kart 7

Dive straight into games you don’t find anywhere else and experience Zelda, Mario, Star Fox and more. As part of the Nintendo 3DS family, Nintendo 2DS can play all Nintendo 3DS games in 2D.

With an amazing catalogue of Nintendo 3DS games that is growing every month, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.


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